Dr. Danish Saeed MD

Dr. Danish Saeed. For more than 10 years, I have offered the highest quality care in Family and Geriatric Medicine. We offer ongoing care of chronic m [...]

Atira Rahman MD

Atira Rahman,MD is a board certified Pediatrician ,she is practicing General Pediatrics for more than 20 years ,at present working at St Luke’s heal [...]

Amanda Bender

Ms. Amanda Bender is the Practice Manager and has been with Lehigh Family & Geriatric Assoicates since 2016. She has an education in Medical Pract [...]

Heather Anderson MA

Heather Anderson is a medical assistant/front desk medical receptionist at Lehigh Family & Geriatric Associates since 2017. Heather has a medical [...]

Jennifer Costenbader MA

Jennifer Costenbader is a Medical Technician/Medical Assistant at Lehigh Family & Geriatrics Associates. Jen is local to the area, Graduating from [...]